FYC Jr. May Meeting

FYC Jr. May Meeting

The May meeting of the Junior Yacht club was held on the new playground outside the Boat Barn!  Thank you Gary Garner for an amazing playground that is being used by children of ALL ages!


Mikeal Donald introduced our Jr. Lipton Coach, Ellis Ollinger, to the group.  The Junior Lipton regatta will be held July 10-20 at Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans.   Coach Ellis has great plans for upcoming Lipton practices that include boat handling and sail handling using our new 420s, racing Flying Scots in some Cap de Ville races leading up to our big weekend and racing at Buccaneer Yacht Club in their Thursday night races.  He also said that Kevin Northrupp, Steve Odom and Chris Dabney will all be helping make these practices as productive as possible.  We had a large group of sailors that indicated they are interested in being on the Lipton team and are ready to start practicing.  If you are interested in being on the Jr. Lipton team practice email list, email mcgriffk@bellsouth.net

Upcoming race opportunities:

Spring Regatta at Buccaneer Yacht Club May 17,18

Candler Regatta at St. Andrews Bay YC May 31-June 1

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