Opti Clinics

Spring Opti Clinics 2023

COST: Members $105   Non-members $125 per session

TIMES:  Green Fleet 8am – 12pm      Advance Fleet 1pm – 5pm

*****you may select more than one session, you do not have to fill out more than one registration form.  To add or delete a session you should email me. *********



SESSION 1:   June 6th-8th

SESSION 2:   June 13th – 15th

SESSION 3:   June 20th – 22nd

SESSION 4:   June 27th – 29th

SESSION 5:   July 11th – 13th

SESSION 6.   July 18th – 20th

SESSION 7:   July 25th – 27th


SESSION 1: June 20th – 22nd

SESSION 2:  July 11th – 13th

SESSION 3:  July 25th – 27th

SESSION 4:  Aug 8th – 10th


Holly Murray 228-363-0073 or holly@fairhopeyachtclub.com

Learn to Sail

Learn to sail teaches the basics of sailing, such as knot tying, terminology, water safety and basic maneuvers on the water. This class focuses on having fun on the water in a safe environment.

Green Fleet

Green fleet is for sailors that have completed one or more classes of Learn to Sail and would like to learn to race. Those entering this class need to be recommended by their learn to sail instructors.

Advanced Fleet

Participants for this level must be approved by Waterfront Director. Sailors must own their own boat. Sailors will perfect sailing techniques while deepening their knowledge of racing through tactics and strategy.